Your Digital Footprint is Like a Beachball

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Your Digital Footprint is Like a Beachball

1ED53692-8C8C-460F-8D15-920E25D32DBE-1024x576 Your Digital Footprint is Like a BeachballMost of us have been raised in a world the place info is static and glued. In the event you’re a later era doctor, info lived in locations like libraries, textbooks and encyclopedias. The place it landed, it sat. Not a lot anymore. And that has actual implications for our digital footprint.

Data is now linear and lives in a stream. The excellent news is whereas that two thousand phrase ranty evaluate from the indignant affected person is supplying you with suits, it’s probably that its place within the public eye is short-lived. As we speak’s information is tomorrow’s web page 5 filler on Google.

Sounds good, proper? However (and it’s a giant however) that goes for each the good things and the dangerous stuff.

Your digital footprint is sort of a seashore ball within the low-cost seats on the baseball park: you must maintain hitting it to maintain it within the air.

Welcome to the always-moving info stream the place your digital repute by no means sleeps.

Picture modified from James L.W. on Unsplash

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