What’s New In Robotics?  11.01.2019

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What’s New In Robotics?  11.01.2019

-Common Robots, AMBIDEX, AUBO
-3D-printed bio-actuators
-CES: 2019: BreadBot, Temi, Walker+++
-Self-driving vans make every day journeys
-Face-to-face w/ a faceless bot
-5 vids for Friday
-And rather more!

Manufacturing & Cobot Information

    The AMBIDEX, a robotic arm that makes use of cable-driven mechanisms, obtained numerous consideration at CES 2019 this week.   AMBIDEX has a most velocity of 5 m/s, a most payload of 3kg (6.6 lbs) and helps “actual time management from distant places” utilizing 5G networks…