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RAM System Permits Massive-Scale Thermoset 3D Printing

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RAM System Permits Massive-Scale Thermoset 3D Printing

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) has not too long ago unveiled a large-scale Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM) system that may course of fiber-reinforced thermosets. In utilizing one of these polymer, RAM unlocks new advantages for large-scale prints akin to elevated energy and diminished value in comparison with printing thermoplastics.

RAM was developed at the side of Oak Ridge Nationwide Laboratory (ORNL) and materials-supplier Polynt. The machine is ready to deposit about 60 lbs per hour and might print elements measuring eight × 16 × three.5 ft. Apart from the scale and the supplies, the system comes with a roll-in / roll-out print desk, which is useful when loading / unloading big 3D printed elements.

The RAM system hosts a floor-mounted pumping system which measures and controls the quick glass fiber-reinforced vinyl ester resin and peroxide initiator right into a static mixer within the printhead. This combination is then extruded by way of a nozzle as resin, in a way much like most FDM methods.