Chang’e-Four replace: Each automobiles wholesome, new imagery from the Moon’s far aspect

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Chang’e-Four replace: Each automobiles wholesome, new imagery from the Moon’s far aspect

Jason DavisJanuary 11, 2019

All the things goes effectively 9 days after China’s Chang’e-Four mission made a historic landing on the far side of the Moon, the nation’s house program stated immediately. On 6 January, the Yutu-2 rover began a deliberate noon nap to keep away from overheating whereas the Solar was instantly overhead. Yesterday, it awakened and continued exploring its environment. Moreover, a contemporary batch of photographs and video are revealing extra concerning the mission’s touchdown website inside Von Kármán crater.

Information transient

China’s lunar and deep house exploration program, CLEP, reports each the Chang’e-Four lander and Yutu-2 rover are wholesome, and “Chinese language and international scientific hundreds had been working usually [Translated].” Listed below are portraits of every automobile on the floor; sadly, neither of those launched by CLEP are full-resolution based mostly on what we all know concerning the digicam specs:


Yutu-2 as seen from Chang’e-Four

Chang’e-Four imaged the Yutu-2 rover in early January 2019 utilizing its Terrain Digicam (TCAM).


Chang’e-Four lander as seen from Yutu-2

Yutu-2 imaged the Chang’e-Four lander in early January 2019 utilizing its Panoramic Digicam (PCAM).

The lander additionally accomplished a 360-degree panorama:


Chang’e-Four’s first full panorama

Chang’e Four views its touchdown website, together with the Yutu-2 rover simply to the south, within the first panorama taken after touchdown, on 10 January 2019.

We’re additionally seeing some extra beforehand unreleased goodies, together with this superb video of the touchdown: