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Black gap telescope group shares $three million Breakthrough Prize – Astronomy Now

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Black gap telescope group shares $three million Breakthrough Prize – Astronomy Now

041019_blackhole_an Black gap telescope group shares $three million Breakthrough Prize – Astronomy Now
The primary direct picture of a black gap on the heart of the galaxy M87. The brilliant doughnut-like ring is fashioned by gentle bending across the black gap on account of its huge gravity. Picture: Occasion Horizon Telescope Collaboration

The 347 members of the Occasion Horizon Telescope Collaboration, credited with capturing the primary picture of a supermassive black gap’s “shadow” on the coronary heart of an enormous elliptical galaxy, will share the $three million 2020 Breakthrough Prize in elementary physics. Shep Doeleman of the Harvard-Smithsonian Heart for Astrophysics will settle for the award on behalf of the collaboration at a three November ceremony at NASA’s Ames Analysis Heart in Mountain View, California.

“Utilizing eight delicate radio telescopes strategically positioned all over the world in Antarctica, Chile, Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona and Spain, a world collaboration of scientists at 60 establishments working in 20 nations and areas captured a picture of a black gap for the primary time,” the Breakthrough Prize mentioned in a press release.

“By synchronizing every telescope utilizing a community of atomic clocks, the group created a digital telescope as giant because the Earth, with a resolving energy by no means earlier than achieved from the floor of our planet. One in all their first targets was the supermassive black gap on the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy — its mass equal to six.5 billion Suns.

“After painstakingly analyzing the information with novel algorithms and methods, the group produced a picture of this galactic monster, silhouetted towards scorching gasoline swirling across the black gap, that matched expectations from Einstein’s idea of gravity: a vibrant ring marking the purpose the place gentle orbits the black gap, surrounding a darkish area the place gentle can not escape the black gap’s gravitational pull.”

General, the Breakthrough Prize Basis is awarding $21.6 million in its eighth annual awards ceremony “in recognition of necessary achievements within the life sciences, elementary physics and arithmetic.” Every prize is valued at $three million.

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